Hello, We are ZASH.
ZASH is a game production company.

We think making games is sort of like
work of a breeder who raise a well-loved dog.

We, as ZASH, has a mission to deliver games or service that many people will love.

We’re are “”mixed-breed”” company. (ZASH means “”mix-breed”” in Japanese.)
We don’t want to be a company that brandishes a “”pedigree””.
We want to meet and go beyond the expectations of those who trust us.
We want to be a “”beloved mixed-breed company.””

Please treat us well

ZASH Co., Ltd.




Company name ZASH Co., Ltd.
Head office 7F Tsuchiya-Shibuya Building, 3-15-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,Japan
Postal code 150-0002.
Established May 2019.
Representative Kazuhiro Yamao, CEO
Business Planning, production, sales and distribution of games
game marketing
Sales of assets for game production



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Game Planning, Production and Operation

ZASH is able to create a game where you can hit with a solid aim, which no other company can do.

Different users have different motivations and processes for starting to play the game.
Therefore, the criteria for deciding whether to play or not and the axis of how to play vary from user to user.
At ZASH, we look at a lot of market characteristics and specific user behavior, and based on the trend analysis, we firmly assume the operation policy and plan and execute the development based on it.
At ZASH, we don’t just make games, we create a mechanism for games to turn and sell.


Game Marketing

We help publishers who understand and expect our potential to maximize their works and services from initial planning to release and all phases of operation.
In order for a game to become a hit, it is necessary to plan, create and operate with a broad, accurate and deep understanding of the users. Not only do we see the voices of users on the Internet, but we also see the faces of game users who don’t speak up in detail and in large numbers.
We make use of the knowledge and data gained from this process to formulate a highly accurate hypothesis, derive an appropriate policy, and support the implementation of a high-speed PDCA cycle during operation.


Game asset sales business

We sell a variety of assets for game development in the asset market for Unity and other game development engines.



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